I’ll be posting about my last few days tomorrow after school, so stay tuned for that. It’s gonna be a long post, cause there’s four days of stuff to put in there, including free comic book day. I’ll keep you posted!


Strangers in the Hotel (Still): Day Three and Four


Yesterday we did literally nothing, except going to Peggy’s Cove. It was gorgeous there! The weather was beautiful, but a bit cold at the waterfront. I climbed around on a lot of rocks there, and slipped a few times too. There was so much lobster memorabilia in the gift shop though. You have no idea. They were EVERYWHERE. It was still a lot of fun, even though I hate fish..

Today we went to the Discovery Centre downtown. What a waste of time that was. Half of the exhibits were closed! It wasn’t interesting at all. I got all excited cause I saw a sign that said Enterprise Room so I thought Star Trek, but nooooo. We went to this burrito place for lunch, and their burritos are AMAZING. Like you don’t even know. Other than that, we did nothing today. Tomorrow we’re looking at my school and going shopping, so I’ll update on that tomorrow. 


Strangers in a Hotel: Day Two


These are my adventures from today, my friends. So lets get started, shall we? When we landed, my ear was still plugged up. I was pretty much deaf in one ear for 4 hours. My ears kept popping and it hurt, but nothing changed soundwise. Eventually when we got to the hotel, they popped really bad and I could finally hear again. Thank god.

We got to the hotel and we were given our room keys, which had SUPERHEROES ON THEM. Most of them were Beast, but my mom had Magneto. The whole hotel was pretty much a billboard for X-Men: Days of Future Past. I am perfectly okay with this. The room keys are pretty awesome, not gonna lie. It’s like the best part of this trip.

I woke up this morning when my dad called my room and the phone stopped my heart. As I was brushing my teeth in the morning, I could hear the people in the room beside me having sex. That was definitely NOT a highlight. It was gross. Needless to say, I was in a hurry to finish brushing my teeth.

My parents and I went to drive around and look at houses today too. The houses were cool, but some were severely run down and in serious need of love. Then we went to the school I’ll be attending in September. It looks like a freaking prison. My dad even saw some kids and turned to me with a laugh, and said ‘look Mackenzie, the little shits you’re going to become friends with!’ which made me laugh.

We went to a cool comic book store and I bought two Avengers World comics, then decided to come back for free comic day on Saturday so I can get my Spiderman comics. I’m excited. We left the comic book store and got burritos for lunch. The burritos were great, actually. I’d never had one before. 

We went back to the hotel and watched a movie, then my dad made dinner. He meant to buy me chicken but got me gross turkey breast instead. Then my mother and I watched Modern Family.

Now, I’m sitting here on my laptop, detailing my stupidly boring day. Tomorrow you’ll get stories of Peggy’s Cove. Goodbye for now, guys.


Strangers On a Plane: Day One


So I’ve decided to split yesterday and today, instead of making one big post, into two. One in the morning for yesterday, and one at night for today. Off we go into the adventures of day one!

We got to the airport at around 7:30 in the morning and got up to the terminal with the lady. They then told us that our flights had in fact been cancelled by the travel agency. That was kind of annoying? My dad then called my mother and she went into the travel agency to yell at them. Our flight was supposed to leave at 9:00am. We waited on the floor while my dad was on hold for two hours. He just hung up eventually. The travel agency fixed our flights, but we now weren’t leaving for our trip until 12:00pm. 

Then we went through security. My dad got through fine, but I set off the alarm. My dad said I looked like I was about to pass out, which I probably was. Then they sent me back and insisted that I raise my shirt slightly to see if I was wearing a belt, even after I told them I wasn’t. Then I realized my watch is like 80% metal. Genius.

We finally got on the plane and I was sitting in the window seat with a french guy beside me. He had ZERO interest in talking, so I put on my headphones and we were off. Of course, only one ear plugged up on that stupid plane trip, and it didn’t pop until we hit a massive spot of turbulence and it sounded like someone set off a gun in my head. 

The layover. I literally sat on the floor of an airport for almost two hours. In the same spot. For TWO. HOURS. It was terrible. But I did almost completely finish my book, so that was nice. There were also outlets where I was sitting so I could charge my phone, thank god. The layover was pretty boring, to be honest with you.

We got on the last plane, which was an hour and a half trip to our destination. This sucked. I sat down in my seat, then had to get up so an extremely large man could sit beside me. Another person sat on my other side. I was cramped between two old men, one who fell asleep with his arms out to his sides and the other who was absolutely dead silent aside from slurping his stupid coffee. Speaking of coffee, they gave me these stupid cookies that tasted like coffee, and they were absolutely disgusting. Especially with ginger ale. Ew. Then came the ears again. I felt like someone was stabbing me in the ear with a knitting needle for hours even after we landed. There were a couple huge pops until I could hear again, but it’s the day after the plane ride now and I still can’t hear properly. 

Yesterday was a pretty big train wreck. Let’s see if today is any better, shall we?


Packing, Airports and Trips, Oh My!


So I have to pack everything today for this trip I’m taking. I get a week off of school, yay, but there’s one slight issue. This requires a plane. I hate planes. The thought of it crashing is enough to make me panic all by itself, but actually having to go in one? This is going to kill me.

And I hate airports! It’s a cesspool of bacteria and potential illnesses, and there’s waaaaay too many people. It’s like hell to a person with social anxiety, such as myself. I’ll probably be standing in a corner the whole time to avoid being touched. Also, it’s like the busiest city in this place, so being there at 9am while people are just getting to work? Yay, traffic.

I’m also hoping that I can meet some people where I’m going.. I’m moving there in two months, and I’m starting the wonders of high school. Being in there alone is going to suck. So hopefully, when we visit there tomorrow, I’ll be able to make some friends or something that I can keep in contact with. Who knows, I might even meet a boy. That being said, I’ll probably spend most of this week in the comic book store anyways, because that’s pretty much the only thing that’s going to keep me sane? I dunno. Maybe that’s just me. Comic books are my life. Actually, super heroes in general are my life. Maybe that’s the problem I’m having with finding a boyfriend, my standards are too high. But when you love fictional characters and expect every boy to be as nice as Steve Rogers and built like a brick wall, like Thor, then you have the perfect recipe for disappointment.

But who knows, some day I might just find a boy like Steve Rogers. Or at least a girl who understands my love for his abs. The new school has almost 400 kids around my age, so I might not be so alone after all. Who knows? Someone might actually give me a shot.